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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology
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Welcome from the President

Dario CattaneoDear colleagues and friends,

The Rome congress has just ended. Unfortunately, the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic did not allow us to organize it in a completely face-to-face form. I am sure that those present, as it happened to me, breathed the desire to meet again, discuss not only scientific topics but also to share experiences and lessons that this pandemic has taught us. Personally, I still carry all these emotions in my mind and heart, combined with the happiness of meeting again people who in the previous months were just faces projected from a monitor.

The hope is that from the next congress we will also be able to greet colleagues who have only been able to participate remotely this year. I like to take up what Yusuke Tanigawara remembered us during the open ceremony: we are a small, smart society, with sophisticated sciences and skills but, above all, we are a family-like friendly community!

As President, I envisage the near future of IATDMCT as the key player for the tailoring of drug therapy in increasingly complicated patients at the bedside, taking advantage from the presence of active members with excellences and expertise in several fields. The accomplishment of this task requires, however, a day-by-day, two-way strict collaboration with specialists from different medical disciplines.

In other words, we need to bridge the gap between the lab and the clinic!

Dario Cattaneo
IATDMCT President, 2021-2023
September 28, 2021