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Interview with Ranita Kirubakaran

Ranita Kirubakaran

This month we hear from Ranita Kirubakaran, clinical pharmacist working in Seberang Jaya Hospital, Penang, Malaysia. At the Rome 2022 IATDMCT congress, Ranita won the Young Scientist poster prize for her work titled ‘Matters close to the heart: adaptation of tacrolimus models to inform therapeutic drug monitoring using the PRIOR approach.’ This work was conducted as part of her PhD while she was based at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. Ranita has since returned to Malaysia and shares about her experiences. Looking forward to further excellent work from this bright Young Scientist! Read on!


Ranita Kirubakaran, PhD
Clinical Pharmacist
Head of Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic (MTAC)
Seberang Jaya Hospital, Penang, Malaysia

Can you guess what happened?

Florian Lemaitre

Can you guess what happened? A drug-drug interaction case series

This month we hear from Florian Lemaitre, who recently contributed this piece to our newsletter Compass on behalf of the Immunosuppressive Drug Committee. Florian uses three cases to illustrate unusual drug-drug interactions affecting people on regular immunosuppressant drugs. Can you guess what happened in each case?


Florian Lemaitre
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
Clinical Pharmacologist
Rennes University Hospital, France

Therapeutic drug monitoring of echinocandins. Has the time come?

Debbie Marriott

This month we are publishing a recent piece from our newsletter 'Compass'. The piece is a contribution from Debbie Marriott, one of our Directors of Education and chair of the Anti-infective Committee. In the piece Debbie considers therapeutic drug monitoring of echinocandins and presents three clinical cases to highlight the main take-aways from a recently published review on the topic. Congratulations to the committee for an excellent review, and a big thanks for Debbie for the piece, which helps us consider the clinical application of the findings.


Deborah JE Marriott

Senior Staff Specialist, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

St. Vincent's Hospital

Sydney, Australia

IATDMCT member and friend become comic characters to tell the history of Pharmacology


We have something really special this month: one of our members, Nicolas Picard, has recently transformed into a comic book character in order to tell us the history of Pharmacology. Nicolas is joined in his adventures by Vrob, an illustrator and former pharmacist, and together they travel the world, through space and time, as well as a myriad of pop culture references.


The title, Pharmacologix, reminds us of another much loved French comic book, that similarly involved the adventures of two friends. This project came into fruition during the pandemic, and Vrob notes that the project’s success may be due to people’s thirst for understanding science in an accessible way as we all move forward together in this particular moment in history. Really proud of you both, and looking forward to sequels and editions in other languages!


Nicolas Picard

Professor, University of Limoges

Clinical Practitioner, Limoges University Hospital

Limoges, France

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