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Interview with Mariadelfina Molinaro

Mariadelfina Molinaro

This month we hear form Mariadelfina Molinaro from Pavia, Italy, as we look forward toward our annual congress that will be in Rome this year. Mariadelfina has had a fascinating career spanning several decades, including witnessing developments in analytical chemistry to contribute to the care of AIDs patients in times when the aetiology was being elucidated. She covers numerous historical developments and highlights that while we have come a long way, it is important to reconsider our certainties and be flexible in a context where every field of scientific research is evolving rapidly.

I feel like I say this often recently, but I will say it again: this is one of my favourite interviews and I encourage you all to take a look.


Mariadelfina Molinaro
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacokinetics
Fondazione IRCCS
Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy

Interview with Nils Tore Vethe

Nils Tore Vethe

It is exciting to return to our interviews this month and especially with such a great one with Nils Tore Vethe from Oslo. Nils shares about his work as head of the Clinical Pharmacology Section at Rikshospitalet - known for their work in immunosuppressant TDM - where they impressively analyze some 200 IS samples every day, year-round. Nils talks about some unique initiatives including home-based blood sampling and TDM including volumetric finger-prick blood sampling for some tacrolimus treated patients, exploratory pharmacological methods in tissues and cells, and more. Take a look!


Nils Tore Vethe
Head, Clinical Pharmacology, Rikshospitalet
Department of Pharmacology
Oslo University Hospital, Norway

What is new about the exposome?

Nicolas Venisse

This month we highlight a recent Compass piece by Nicolas Venisse, written on behalf of the Toxicology and Environmental Health Committee. This relatively recent committee was founded in 2017 and has already achieved an important place in the Association. Nicolas writes about the exposome, a concept that is receiving increased attention due to recent technological advancements in analytical chemistry and data processing. Work in this area promises to shed light on the complex relationships between environmental factors and diseases.


Nicolas Venisse
Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics Department
Clinical Investigation Centre
University Hospital, Poitiers, France

IATDMCT Website Revamp: What’s in it for me?

This month I wanted to congratulate Alain and Ofelia, on behalf of the Communication’s Committee, for their recent work on our website and highlight a few of the changes that have happened; these were recently covered by them in the recent September Compass issue. The revamp of the resources section deserves special mention as it has made navigation and access to recorded materials very straightforward for members. Ofelia very kindly shared web analytics insights to answer the question: "Who is looking at our website?"

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