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Q&A with Pierre Marquet

Marquet 150x200This month I had the privilege to interview the director of my doctoral thesis, Professor Pierre Marquet (Limoges, France). I thought I knew the department and research laboratory, and their respective histories, quite well. I was delighted to learn a lot more from the interview, a testament to the extraordinary and diverse work achieved by Pr. Marquet, spanning several decades.

An Interview with Denny Fleming

FlemingThis month our interview comes from Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. Denny Fleming, honorary professor at the Clinical Pharmacology Unit of the Christian Medical College, kindly shared her experiences. Denny completed her academic formation in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and has worked at the National Health Service (NHS), the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, and clinical trials in osteoarthritis, Roussel Uclaf, UK, prior to joining the Unit in Vellore in 1998.

Denny’s story reflects typical and unique challenges, but also a great deal of achievements, many of which have been supported through collaborations with IATDMCT colleagues.

An Interview with Alain Verstraete

Verstraete 150x200This month’s blog interview is with long-term member, Alain Verstraete. I met Alain in 2011 and we have collaborated in the Communications Committee since then. Alain is the head of the toxicology laboratory in Ghent University Hospital, and professor at the faculty of medicine and health sciences of Ghent University. He has a long research history investigating driving under the influence of drugs, but has more recently changed course to investigate antimicrobial TDM.

Professor Michael Neely visits members in India, Colombia and Brazil

Neely 150x200IATDMCT is committed to fostering education in the fields of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology and amongst the core initiatives are the international lectureship. During 2014, Professor Michael Neely, director of the Laboratory of the Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics (LAPKB) of the University of Southern California, was supported by the IATDMCT to undertake the lectureship in India, Colombia and Brazil.

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