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Interview with Manuela Neuman

CTDOA Neuman ViceChair 150x200

This month we hear from Manuela Neuman, who joins Maria Shipkova as co-editor of our E-News. Manuela shares about her extensive experience, and her special contribution to understanding and diagnosing drug reactions of various types. Among her contributions is the Lymphocyte Toxicity Assay, an innovative diagnostic test that helps predict the drugs patients will react to, allowing the safe selection of therapy.


Manuela Neuman

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

CEO & CSO, In Vitro Drug Safety and Biotechnology,

Banting Institute, Toronto, CA

Interview with Kamisha Johnson-Davis

Johnson Davis Kamisha

This month we hear from Kamisha Johnson-Davis, whom we welcome as the new chair of the Communications Committee. Kamisha is joined by Ofelia Noceti as vice-chair.

Best wishes to the committee who continue the wonderful work of Denise McKeown and Maria Shipkova.


Kamisha Johnson-Davis
Associate Professor (Clinical), Department of Pathology, University of Utah

Medical Director, Clinical Toxicology, ARUP Laboratories

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Interview with Jiangtao Tang


This month we hear from Jiangtao Tang from the West China Hospital, who shares about the challenges they are overcoming at his centre switching from immunoassay to mass spectrometry based assays and automation of sample pre-processing.  Jiangtao further shares his vision how metabolomics and proteomics, together with bioinformatics, will optimize patient care.


Jiangtao Tang
Department of Clinical Immunological Laboratory, West China Hospital

Sichuan University, Chengdu, CN

Interview with Teun van Gelder

Teun van Gelder

This month our current President, Teun van Gelder, shares his vision for his term, in particular increasing involvement of prescribers with the activities of the Association and research in the field. We also hear about Teun’s dual role at the Erasmus Medical Centre, and the collaboration between several prominent IATDMCT members that bring together various disciplines to daily patient care.


Teun van Gelder
Internist-nephrologist, Department of Internal Medicine
Internist-clinical pharmacologist, Hospital Pharmacy Department
Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, NL

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