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Interview with Kazuhiko Tanaka (Pico) (English)

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This month the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Communications Committee are delighted and honoured to bring to you an interview with Professor Kazuhiko Tanaka, the Chair of the 1st ICTDM (Osaka, 1988). This is the second Blog we bring to you in both English and Japanese on the lead up to the 15th IATDMCT Congress in Kyoto.


Kazuhiko Tanaka
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Adviser, Kidney Center, Shirasagi Hospital


Tanaka Kazuhiko headshot




Interview with Ryuji Kato (English)

Kato Ryuji 150x200

As we lead up to the 2017 Kyoto Congress, the IATDMCT Communications Committee is delighted to bring to you the July, August and September Blogs in both English and Japanese.  We are delighted to start this series with Ryuji Kato; former IATDMCT Young Scientist Committee member and current member of the IATDMCT Communications Committee.


Ryuji Kato
Department of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy and Toxicology
Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Osaka, Japan


We look forward to seeing you all in Kyoto!

Interview with Ryuji Kato (Japanese)

Kato Ryuji 150x200

今秋開催される2017 Kyoto Congressに向けての企画として、IATDMCT Communications Committeeでは、7、8、9月のBlogを日本語と英語でお届けします。7月は加藤隆児先生(前 IATDMCT Young Scientist Committee member、現IATDMCT Communications Committee member)です。





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