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Professor Michael Neely visits members in India, Colombia and Brazil

Neely 150x200IATDMCT is committed to fostering education in the fields of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology and amongst the core initiatives are the international lectureship. During 2014, Professor Michael Neely, director of the Laboratory of the Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics (LAPKB) of the University of Southern California, was supported by the IATDMCT to undertake the lectureship in India, Colombia and Brazil.

Prof. Philip Walson Q&A

Walson 150x200This month we highlight a recent interview in Compass (September 2014), IATDMCT’s regular newsletter and highly valued member benefit. Compass interviewed Professor Philip Walson, past president and founder of IATDMCT, for the regular section ‘IATDMCT Mentor Interviews’.

In the interview Professor Walson shared some of his ideas about the future of TDM and clinical toxicology, what we might expect to see and some of the challenges. The full interview, which traces Professor Walson’s extraordinary career, can be accessed here: [Members only access].

Despite a long list of career achievements including co-founder and director of numerous clinical trials offices; director of various clinical laboratories and poison’s centers, and principal investigator of several institutions and research units, Phil cites being involved in setting up the IATDMCT as one of the achievements he is most proud of.

Paula Schaiquevich Q&A

Schaiquevich 150x200 Our second blog interview is with Paula Schaiquevich, CONICET researcher at the Paediatric Hospital Dr. Juan P Garrahan in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Paula's research work involves pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic studies of chemotherapy and development of new routes/new drugs for patients with retinoblastoma.

Daan Touw Q&A

At the IATDMCT Stuttgart congress in 2011 Pierre Marquet presented the results of an inquiry amongst members to describe their innovations/initiatives in TDM and Clinical Toxicology. The idea behind this blog is to showcase some of the initiatives presented there and to continue cataloguing the great things our members do.

The first interview was with Dan Touw, head of the clinical pharmaceutical and toxicological laboratory at the University Medical Center in Groningen. Dan uses dose adaptation software in clinical practice, and together with other colleagues, hosts an annual national training program for such software.

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