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Current Issue - September 2017
  The September Compass now available. In this issue:

Compass v16 3 Sep2017 pdf 1 350x448
  • Welcome to the Kyoto Congress
    By Yusuke Tanigawara
  • Personal Reflections 
    By Michael Oellerich
  • Thank you to Michael Oellerich 
    By Philip D. Walson
  • Reports of the IATDMCT Scientific Committees:
    • Safety and pharmacokinetics of antipsychotics in children - A Dutch multicentre, propective cohort study
      By Sanne M. Kloosterboer, Bram Dierckx, Teun van Gelder, Brenda C.M. de Winter, Birgit C.P. Koch (Alternative Sampling Strategies Committee)
    • Clinicla toxicology in China: Current Situation and Challenges
      By By Shusen Sun (Clinical Toxicology and Drug of Abuse Committee)
    • Drugs of abuse crisis
      By Manuela G. Neuman (Clinical Toxicology and Drug of Abuse Committee)
  • YS Corner:
    • Invitation for the Young Scientist's Events (Update) 
  • Individualizing pharmacotherapies: Linking bioinformatics with cilnical practice
    By Roger Jelliffe and Gellert Karvaly
  • Second National Symposium on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
    Submitted by Dr Binu S. Mathew
  • Monitoring for Maximized Drug Management
    By Maria Shipkova
  • Report on the 2017 ANZ TDM Meeting
    By Ross L G Norris
  • The 15th IATDMCT Congress: Last Minute Information
    By Yusuke Tanigawara (Congress Chair)

Views and reports appearing in Compass do not necessarily have the endorsement of the Association.

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