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Current Issue - June 2017
  The June Compass now available. In this issue:

Compass v16 2 Jun2017 pdf 1
  • Personalized Medicine, Translation Reaseach and IATDMCT
    By Pierre Marquet
  • Reports of the IATDMCT Scientific Committees:
    • Intacellular measurement of tacrolimus as a novel option for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
      By Florian Lemaitre (Immunosuppressive Drugs Committee)
    • Pharmacogenetic-based personalized therapy: the French National Network of Pharmacogenetics (RNPGx) proposed levels of evidence and recommendations
      By Nicolas Picard and Vincent Haufroid (Pharmacogenetics Committee)
    • Alternative sampling strategies to support therapeutic drug monitoring of anti-TB drugs in TB endemic areas
      By Samiksha Ghimire and Jan-Willem Alffenaar (Alternative Sampling Strategies Committee)
    • Clinical and forensic toxicology in the Netherlands
      By Annabel Werumeus Buning and Eric J.F. Franssen (Clinical Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse Committee)
    • Toxicological screening in post mortem blood and urine samples from unexplained deaths in Amsterdam
      By Peter G.M. Zweipfenning and Eric.J.F. Franssen (Clinical Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse Committee)
    • Novel psychoactive drugs in the Netherlands: impact on clinical and forensic toxicology
      By Tibor Brunt and Eric J.F. Franssen (Clinical Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse Committee)
  • YS Corner:
    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of antibiotics in Christian Medical College,Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
      By Sumith K Mathew
  • Personal and Professional: Big events in the lives of IATDMCT Members
    Epilepsy Society Professor wins 2016 Excellence in Epilepsy Award
  • The 15th IATDMCT Congress: Expansion and Evolution of TDM/CT
    By Yusuke Tanigawara (Congress Chair) and Ryuji Kato (YSC Chair of JSTDM)

Views and reports appearing in Compass do not necessarily have the endorsement of the Association.

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