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TDM in Oncology

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William Clarke
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TDM in Oncology Committee

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Jennifer Martin
New Lambton Heights, NSW, Australia

Background & Purpose of the Committee

Objectives of the Oncology Committee are:

  • Creating and promoting awareness of the need for TDM in cancer therapy,
  • Stimulating studies which demonstratethe utility in improving patient outcomes,
  • Education of the IATDMCT members on advances and opportunities in the area,
  • Education of medical oncologists and regulatory authorities of the importance of TDM in oncology,
  • Development of consensus guidelines for implementationncology.

Scope of the Oncology Committee is:

  • TDM for cancer treatment in hematology and oncology,
  • Chemotherapy, molecular targeting therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy,
  • Topics relating to drug concentrations in blood, pharmacogenomics and other biomarkers for the benefit of precision medicine.

The Oncology Committee contributes an article describing its activities for the Compass and submits review articles for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring journal.  The Committee proposes a scientific session at each IATDMCT Congress and at discipline-related conferences. The Committee also initiates to develop a consensus guideline for implementationof TDM in oncology.

At the IATDMCT Rotterdam Congress, the committee formally commences its activities with the first committee meeting, 1 plenary lecture (TDM for oncology: a new scientific committee), 3 symposia (Introductory session "Best Practice: TDM in oncology", TDM in Hemato-oncology and TDM in Solid Tumors), and 2 roundtable discussions (How to utilize the UGT1A1 genotype testing for individualized Irinotecan dosage and Challenges in implementing oncology TDM in practice: Cultural, pre-analytical and logistical issues).

We sincerely invite IATDMCT members who are interested in oncology to attend these sessions.
Please join us!

Committee Initiatives for 2016/2017

  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of 5-Fluorouracil
  • Consensus guideline document for TDM of imatinib
  • Support the 2017 meeting with workshops and symposia

Committee Initiatives Completed in 2014/2015

  • This committee was established in 2015.